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Verantis now offers free professional development courses for those looking to further their education in environmental pollution and control.

Even for the most experienced engineers and supervisors, environmental control is complicated. Whether you’re early in your career or a seasoned professional, there’s always more to learn, and Verantis can be your go-to source for online professional development coursework. Our online training courses for engineers offer useful information on topics such as environmental pollution, air quality improvement, FRP Fans/Blowers and Tower Packing.

We offer free webinars that cover topics involving current environmental control technology, regulations, products and services.

Not only do our webinars offer useful information and answers to your environmental questions, but attending a Verantis webinar may also qualify you to receive Professional Engineer (PE) credits.

A Verantis webinar is typically the equivalent of one PDH unit. Because certified Professional Engineers have different continuing education requirements by state, Verantis has done the legwork to provide information for as many states as possible. Click here for a comprehensive list of participating states and their requirements. After attending a webinar, Verantis will:

  • Administer a quiz and record passing results
  • Provide a certificate of completion
  • Maintain a log of all attendees for 6 years

Verantis webinars aren’t just presentations… they’re fully interactive experiences.

Live presentations offer polls and quiz questions which attendees can respond to in real time. Attendees can also take advantage of useful support document downloads during the presentation. In addition, each webinar features integrated Q&A functionality, allowing presenters to answer audience questions along the way. After each webinar, a short quiz will be administered that will recap all topics covered.

Recent Webinars:

Scrubber Troubleshooting

You just installed your recently purchased scrubber or, have had one in operations for years and it isn’t performing as expected. What key items should you examine and what can you do to get your scrubber working properly again? Learn what issues can arise and how to determine your next actions.

Scrubber Chemistry

Wet scrubbing is an effective means of air pollution control for many chemical pollutants. However, since each chemical has varying properties, it is important to understand the underlying chemical principles in order to optimize scrubber performance.

Demisters - What and Why?

Demisters or mist eliminators are devices used to filter liquid droplets that are being carried in an air or gas stream. The type of demister required depends on the size of the droplets to be removed and the overall efficiency required.

Want to attend a webinar, but have a schedule conflict?

No problem! Once registered, you will receive a link to view the archived presentation on-demand... and you’ll still be able to earn your credits.