VerantisCF® Carbon Fiber fans will blow away your expectations of traditional fiberglass fans.

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About VerantisCF® Carbon Fiber Fans

Verantis, a leader in the environmental control field, is excited to introduce a powerful new product to its already extensive industrial fans lineup: VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans.

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans boast a number of advantages for those who routinely need to move air in a weight-dependent environment while not compromising strength. Carbon Fiber is a high strength, high stiffness synthetic fiber that is used in a variety of structural and electrical applications. Carbon Fiber composites are 10x stronger than steel, yet are 5x lighter. In comparison to aluminum, Carbon Fiber composites are 8x stronger, 2x stiffer, yet 1.5x lighter. In addition, coupled with the proper resins, Carbon Fiber composites are one of the most corrosion resistant materials available.

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Lighter Weight = Higher Performance

While fiberglass is lighter than conventional materials for its given strength, on weight-critical projects, Carbon Fiber will perform much better as a reinforcement. The lighter weight also puts less stress on the motor and its components, ultimately leading to longer fan life.

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans - Lighter Weight = Higher Performance

Faster Than Ever

Fans constructed using lightweight Carbon Fiber can reach higher RPM than are possible with even the most advanced fiberglass fans. This allows higher pressure generation and a more efficient usage of power.

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans - Faster Than Ever

A New Level of Strength

Carbon Fiber will outperform fiberglass in its tensile strength (the amount of force that needs to be placed on a fiber in order to pull it apart) and compressive strength (the amount of force that presses down on a fiber). Carbon fiber composites are 10x stronger than steel, yet are 5x lighter.

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans - A New Level of Strength

Corrosion Resistance

Carbon Fiber stands up to the toughest environments. Coupled with the proper resins, carbon fiber composites are one of the most corrosion resistant materials available.

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans - Corrosion Resistance
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About Verantis Environmental Solutions Group

At Verantis, we believe that environmental control is becoming a more important aspect of business and maintaining a clean environment should be a high priority for every business. Verantis Environmental Solutions Group delivers innovation that goes far beyond environmental regulation compliance. No matter the size, scope, or complexity of your environmental or process challenges, Verantis has the answers and experience to help you control your environment.

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